Embracing Transitions

Embracing Transitions

September 24, 2015. We had a session on Embracing Transitions with Dr. Kevin Egan. This is very timely for we, tertians, are in the stage of experiencing transitions. Definitely, there is no book of instruction on how to  make a successful transition for one can’t manage it but to only experience it (Bridges 2001)

DSCF7917Transition is the psychological and spiritual process people go through in coming to terms with change. Tertianship is more than just a period of change but an invitation to transformation. “There is a great,  grave distinction between change and transformation. Change refers to adaptation, reaction, without necessarily involving any newness of being, a new creating energy flowing from the center which acts with creative power upon surrounding events. (Flora Slosson Wuellner)

Dr Egan expressed his hope for us who are in the tertianship to expereince the renewal of energy. In so doing, he also posed a challenge for us,  “sometimes we need to let go to receive it back again.”

The session ended with a sharing to deepen the experience and needless to say, a sumptuous meal : burger for supper, to complete the experience

Interaction with Jesuits from  Manresa House Community

Interaction with Jesuits from Manresa House Community

Today, we had an encounter/interaction with the Jesuits of the Manresa House Community. Our right next door neighbor and is led by their rector, Fr. Mike Drennan, SJ.


It was very edifying in knowing Jesuits who devoted their lives faithfully to the mission of the Society of Jesus in Ireland. We got to know their apostolates and other apostolates where the Jesuits in this country are into, living out the Gospel for the greater glory of God. The English speaking Tertianship in Europe is  in Ireland and it’s good to know the Jesuits and their apostolates so as to better understand and appreciate the beauty and significance of this place.

Truly we speak the same language (Ignatian) in spite of the differences. This is the universal Society. Friends in the Lord.

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Start of the  Jesuit European Tertianship in Dublin 2015-16

Start of the Jesuit European Tertianship in Dublin 2015-16

The Jesuit European Tertianship in Dublin has just started last September 21, 2015. Eleven tertians from Europe and from other parts of the world. Jan van de Poll is our tertian master and to assist him is Paul Pace.

First day of Tertianship in Dublin

We started the program with a mass which was celebrated by Fr. Tom Layden, SJ, provincial of the Irish Province and was concelebrated by two of our tertian instructors,  Fr. Jan Van de Poll and  Fr. Paul Pace. We had simple haustus after the mass to get to know one another.

Some of us are still struggling with jet lags but somehow we are getting by.

This is just the beginning and more exciting and meaningful experiences are coming our way.

Hope you can journey with us in prayers and reflections for God’s greater glory.




The Fruits of the Retreat

The Fruits of the Retreat

meeting_john_dardisThursday, the 20th of December

We finish the great retreat this morning. We have to reenter the daily life and its rhythm, after the long experience of silence and prayer, and to collect the fruits of this experience. Jacques will join his family for 2 days, for the burial of his grandmother. We pray with him and for him.

Friday, the 21st

We have a personal time to collect the first impressions of this retreat, and to share with others the fruits we can name at this stage. To prepare a more complete review of our great retreat, we are helped by precise questions, in order to collect the main fruits we received from God during these blessed days. We join the Manresa spiritual center team (more…)

The Universal Dimension of the Society

The Universal Dimension of the Society

Seventh period: where it appears that tertianship is founded on the Word of the Lord

Monday, the 29th

The presence among us of Antoine Kerhuel, Assistant of Father General, opened us to the universal dimension of the Society, and gave us a larger point of view of our life and our questions. By his lectures, and the simple dialogue we had with him, he helped us to enter the deepest questions at work in the Body of the Society, and gave a clear account of the way they work in Rome for the good of the Whole Body. Antoine presided at the Eucharist. The rest of the day was spent, as usual, on personal work.