Suggested reading list


1. By Ignatius


Spiritual Diary



2. From the early Society

Deliberation of the First Fathers

Formula of the Institute



3. From the Contemporary Society

GC 31 – 36, and their respective historical introductions

Complementary Norms

St Paul VI to members of GC 32, on 3rd December 1974 (recommended by Pope Francis during his meeting with Jesuits in Lithuania)

Pope Francis to GC 36 and dialogue with participants


4. Letters and conferences by Frs General


4.1 Pedro Arrupe

Serving the Same Lord. To serve the Lord alone and the Church his Bride under the Roman Pontiff, Vicar of Christ on earth (1978)

On Our Way of Proceeding (1979)

The Trinitarian Inspiration of the Ignatian Charism (1980)

Rooted and Grounded in Love (1981)


4.2 Peter-Hans Kolvenbach

On Community Life (1998)

Directives on Tertianship (2003)     

The Account of Conscience (2005)

4.3  Adolfo Nicolas

The Universal Vocation of the Jesuit (2009)

On Vocation Promotion and Collaboration with Others (2010)

At the Conclusion of the Year for Priests (2010)

Youth: response to the Letters ‘ex officio’ (2011)

On the State of the Society: to the Congregation of Procurators 70 (2012)

Reconciliation and working for Peace: response to the Letters ‘ex officio’ (2014)


4.4 Arturo Sosa

Our life is mission, mission is our life (2017)

On Discernment in Common (2017)

Discernment of Universal Apostolic Preferences (2017)

To share the suffering of victims of abuse and foster a culture of protection  (2018)

Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus, 2019-2029 (2019)

Assimilating and implementing the Universal Apostolic Preferences 2019-2029  (2019)

‘Care’ (cura) in the governance of the life-mission of the Society in this change of the eras (2020)


5. Other readings

John O’Malley, The First Jesuits

Brian O’Leary, Sent into the Lord’s Vineyard

Andre’ de Jaer, Together for Mission

William Barry, Our Way of Proceeding

Timothy Gallagher, The Examen of Conscience


6. A life of St Ignatius


7.A life of Fr Arrupe


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