Fortunatus Parwoto

Fortunatus Parwoto (Toto), was born in the small city, Yogyakarta in the central Java in 1969. Having completed his education, he taught in Jakarta’s Technical High School for three years before entering the Society of Jesus in 1997. After first vows, he went to the Philippines for a year’s juniorate and continued his philosophy studies in Indonesia in 2000. He spent his regency in Cambodia, serving the disabled community for two years with the Jesuit Refugee Service Cambodia. Returning to Indonesia in 2005, he continued his formation and preparation for priesthood and was ordained in 2008. Sent to Myanmar Mission – part of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific – he worked for three years in the Jesuit candidacy program.

Earl Barredo

Earl joined the Society of Jesus in the Philippines in May 1989. During regency he was sent to Ateneo de Manila High School for teaching and other moderating works, for two years. He was ordained priest on April 8, 2000 together with five other Jesuits. He has served as a volunteer chaplain to the National Penitentiary, as a parish priest in Marikina, as director of a retreat house in the Bukidnon, in the Philippines. After a year spent guiding individual retreats in Saint Beuno’s in Wales, he returned to the Philippines in 2007 where he served as a socius in the Novitiate community, while also being the minister and the treasurer and whenever possible, accompanying individuals who asked for retreat guides.

Danang Bramasti

Danang Bramasti was born in Indonesia. After secondary schooling at SMA Pangudi Luhur, he studied Economics at educated at Parahyangan Catholic University School and philosophy and theology at Driyarkara School of Philosophy. Ordained in 2007, he served in parishes in Bongsari, Semarang and as parish priest of Saint Stanislaus Church in Girisonta, Semarang, Central Java. A keen artist, Danang has used exhibitions to draw attention to the plight of workers in Indonesia.

Brendan McManus

Brendan McManus is from Lisnaskea in Fermanagh, Ireland, and met the Society in Australia in 1990 when he was working in IT. He came back to join the Irish Jesuits in Dublin, where he was for most of his formation until doing theology in Colombia from 1998-2002. After ordination he worked in the youth apostolate on Gardiner Street, then, after a spell in the Jesuit Communications Centre, took up his most recent role as Chaplain in Coláiste Iognáid, the Jesuit school in Galway.

Alban Massie

Alban was born in La Rochelle, France, in 1963. Ordained priest in 1995, he discovered the Jesuits with the experience of the Spiritual Exercises and entered the Society in 1999. A former professor of philosophy in Congo and a scholar of patristics, he now teaches theology and participates in the sacerdotal formation of the People of God at the Institut d’Etudes Théologiques, the Jesuit faculty of theology in Brussels. He is also involved in some editorial work (Nouvelle revue théologique and éditions Fidélité) and in the pastoral care for young people and families, especially with the help of Ignatian spirituality.