Historia domus

Today we continued to hear the sharing from three Tertians, Danang, Robert and Jaroslav.

We had mass before lunch, Robert presided the mass for us. It was well prepared, everything written. Thanks Robert.

After dinner we ran to the theater of the retreat house to watch the movie “Horse Whisperer”. A long movie, about 3 hours, it was well introduced by Fr. Peter Hannan, who specilally mentioned relationships – human relationships and God-human relationship. The movie tells a story about a couple with one daughter. The daughter gets an accident with her horse which she loves so much. The accident was so bad that it forced her to have her right leg amputated. After the amputation and recovery from the surgery, she has difficulty with her self-confidence with the artificial leg. The horse also was badly injured and need some treatment. The mother finds a “horse whisperer” through a magazine. The mother has a strong belief that this man can help the daughter and her horse to recover. A strong courageous mother, she drives the car to bring her daughter and the horse as well to the horse whisperer. She drives the car alone from New York to Montana passing beautiful scenery and reaches the house of the horse whisperer. At the end after all kinds of struggling and tension in the relationship, the daungter and the horse recover from their mental problems through the help of the horse whisperer. It is a very good movie.