A Time to Conclude

Time flies–this is the common experience of all the Tertians especially after they came back from the placement. And it creates a sort of sentimental feeling.

Having completed the study and reflection on the last parts of Constitutions, GC 36 and Final Vows, the Tertians had a workshop on Jesuit Formation and Personal Growth from the view of developmental psychology. The program was well appreciated.

Now, from the evening of May 8th, Tertian will start a 6-day retreat to collect the fruits of the entire Tertianship. Please join their prayers so that the formation received by Tertians in past nine months may continue to bear lasting fruits in their life.

Experiment: Go out to the end of the world…

After Christmas break, the Cadoner House returned to its normal daily routine on January 2. First of all, the community studied Ignatian Spiritual Exercises based on their previous experiences. Then, there were a series of lectures, workshops and discussion on affectivity and priesthood. Finally, Fr Jose de Pablo introduced the Conference of European Provincials, followed by the presentations on the Jesuit Conference of South Asia and the Conference of Asia Pacific. In between, the Tertians also participated in the Rhetoric Parent Day of Clongowes Wood College.

From January 18 on, the Tertians start their 10-week long experiment in different places inside and outside Ireland. They will come back to Cadonar House after Easter.

Wish You All a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New year

Dear Friends,

The Tertians at Cardoner House Dublin completed their 30-day Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, a beautiful journey with the Lord, on Dec 20 2017.  After two days of brief sharing on our experiences, we are now moving to the Christmas break.

With deep gratitude, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your great support and prayers for us during our Exercises. May the good Lord continue to bless you all, and grant you and your family a joyful grace-filled Christmas and a happy New Year.

Many Stories, One History

In the past two weeks, the Tertians, while writing their own autobiographies, took turn to share the stories of their life to the companions in the community. The various experiences, though not without pains and difficulties, witness how each one has been striving for meaning and how God has been working in each individual’s life journey. The sharing is a testimony that the stories of our lives are actually parts of the History of God’s Salvation.

Building up from the Root

Building up from the Root

Someone describes Tertianship as a process of re-founding the Society.
Truly, it is! And we have been experiencing this in the past two weeks.
We started working and reflecting on the Formulas of the Institute of the Society of Jesus, the Constitutions and General Congregations. The sapiential reading of these important documents helped us understand better about the original spirit of the Society of Jesus and the living tradition that went through more than 470 years’ practice under different circumstances. By getting back to the root and building up on the foundation, we hope to be better equipped to carry out our mission today in a more authentic Ignatian way.

As a matter of fact, the Jesuit characteristics, never merely listed in the Constitutions, are manifested in the Society as a body and in each individual Jesuit’s life. This is why the two Jesuits’ sharing, in different day, of their personal stories in the Society have touched all of us deeply. In their narratives, we recognized our common and shared experience and charism.


Fr Finbarr Lynch sharing his life story with Tertians