The Final Weeks

18 Jan-19 Jan: Spirituality of the Exercises

21 Jan: Constitutions, Chpt. 4, 8

22 Jan: Peter Faber SJ

25-27 Jan: Our Vows (on celibacy, obedience, poverty)

28-29 Jan: The local superior, manifestation of conscience, discernment in common

1 Feb: Constitutions, Part 5

2 Feb: Admission to final vows (letter of Fr. Kolvenbach)

3 Feb: Sharing on criteria for admission to final vows

4 Feb: Reading the Spiritual Diary

5 Feb On cooperation between SJ and laity (Roman, Learoy)

9 Feb: On Reconciliation (Paul)

11 Feb: Sentire cum Ecclesia (Fr Kolvenbach)

15 Feb: The Synodal Path in Germany (Julian)

16 Feb Charismatics (Roman), Liturgy-an Ignatian encounter (Lukas)

17 Feb Ash Wednesday

18 Feb Jesuits and Drama (Laroy), Meeting the Irish Provincial

19-20 Feb Trying to be Jesuit in a least society in cooperation with others

22-24 Feb: On giving spiritual directiopn; art and poetry in spiritual exercises (Tom)

26 Feb: Constitutions, Chpt. 9

1 March: Jesuit Parishes (Michele), Caravaggio (Lukas)

2 March: Blog “jesuitreflections” (Paul), Constitutions, Part 10

3-9 March: Final Retreat

12 March: Reflection on Tertianship

13 March: Farewell meal with the community

14 March: Departures

We leave for our experiments: JRS Berlin (Julian), JRS Malta (Roman), Morning Star homeless shelter (Michele, Learoy), Parish work Vuilnius (Eugene), Jesuit Parish Detroit (Lukas).

Omnia ad majorem dei gloriam.