Week 16: 4-10 Jan

Regular class has resumed. We had a reflection on the Christmas break. And then we had an evaluation of the Tertianship year thus far. The sharing was heartfelt and sincere. Most said that they’re living out the graces of the retreat, and that they now see things with new eyes

In the evening we watched a very powerful film called Capernaum. It’s about the struggles related to child trafficking in Syria. 

On 5th Jan we began a discernment on our tertianship experiments. This will carry on in the next week as well. 

Tom took two reflective sessions on the Dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises. In creative ways he also got the tertians to ponder what were for them personally high points in the retreat. 

Herminio Rico (POR), Socius to Franck Janin, did an informative two sessions with us on the Society in Europe. He presented statistics, and helped start a discussion on the state of the Society in these parts. 

8th Jan night seemed the coldest night in Ireland this winter, with temperatures in Dublin dropping to a freezing -3 and -4 degrees C, while in some other parts it even dropped to -8 degrees C. The water in our little pond has been mostly frozen these days. 

Over the weekend we also removed the crib and other decoration. The wise men have made their journey back taking another route. Liturgically we’re now back in ordinary time. Our daily Eucharist continues to be a time of spiritual enrichment.

At haustus Michele continues to surprise us with something new and inviting – this time it was a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream & Caramel Popcorn. 

Michele also cooked for us a few Italian delicacies over the weekend – Lasagna, soup, pasta. We also watched the Italian movie, Nuevo Cinema Paradiso. Seemed quite an Italian weekend☺!