Week 9: 16 – 22 November

Week 9

16th Nov to 22nd Nov

Our sharing this Monday morning was about the process each of us underwent when writing our autobiographies

We then had a couple of sessions on proximate preparation for the month retreat. Tom did the annotations to the Exercises. Paul facilitated a discussion on what personally are we looking for in the Exercises. One of the strongest points to emerge was – ‘we all hope to let God take over and do as he will.’

On 19th Nov evening we began the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius. This eventually for each tertian, in a unique way, turned out to be a time of grace and blessing.  

Week 10

23rd Nov to 29th Nov


Week 11

30th Nov to 6th Dec 


Week 12

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Week 13

14th Dec to 20th Dec