Week 7

2nd Nov to 8th Nov

The week began with the usual personal reflections. It is interesting to see how each one is being guided by God so uniquely these days.

All Souls day – Most watched the movie ‘Coco’, one evening after supper. This was a film set in Mexico and was based on ‘El dia de los muertos.’ The title track really captured thespirit of the movie – ‘Remember me.’ This theme on remembrances really blended in with the remembrance the tertians are busy with these days concerning their own past lives. The tertians continue to work on their autobiography

Paul presented to us chapter 2 of the Constitutions on ‘Dismissal.’ It was followed by an engaging discussion. Paul highlighted the Society’s great emphasis on ‘charity’ towards the individual Jesuit who is dismissed. 

Tom took a very moving session on the life and legacy of Pedro Arrupe. He showed us a film on Arrupe which really brought out well what Arrupe was about. This was followed by a little input on inspirational bits concerning Arrupe and some sharing. 

Paul gave us an overview of Vatican II and also the General Congregations 31 to 35. This session was brief but really enlightening. Paul pointed out major trends emerging in the post conciliar Church and in the Society. It showed us a glimpse into our recent history and also a way forward in the years to come. 

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Mark Ravizza and the UAPs – We had two exceptionally good days with Mark Ravizza. He dwelt (via zoom of course) on the spirit of the UAPs and how they form part of the fabric of our present day lives as Jesuits. His sessions were interactive; it involved actually praying and in that prayerful spirit pondering what God is calling us to be today. We also had a round of Spiritual Conversations which was found to be very deep and prayerfully insightful.

One evening after supper, some of the guys watched parts 3 and 4 of the movie – Teresa de Jesus.