Week 5

19th to 25th Oct

The week began with the regular Monday morning sharing.

Much of this week was devoted to the study of the Constitutions. We began with the Formula of the Institute, then moved on to the General Examen, and then to part VII (the core of the Constitutions). Paul gave us topics for presentation. The presentations will be next week.

On 21st Oct we had a very crucial session on Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, by Saoirse Fox, the safeguarding manager working for the Irish province. It was on zoom. She alerted us to the essentials concerning ethical ministry today, and the protocol in place for all who work in Ireland. She said she hoped to come again someday for a discussion and sharing in person.

This week we also received our Faculty for ministry – from Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin.

Gerry Clark, an Irish Jesuit at Gardiner street parish shared with us via zoom, his life experiences. His was quite a frank and moving story. One of his striking lines was, when he felt challenged in life to “tell it as it is.”

Changes to Local Authority services- level 5 restrictions |  www.tipperarycoco.ie

Vlasto Dufka, a Slovak Jesuit, enthralled us with his session in Liturgy, and especially Liturgical music. He played sample chants which we were able to learn and probably take to our masses too.

The tertianship Website has been updated by Julian and can now be accessed at https://tertianship.eu/

Haustus this weekend was full of song (oldies and latest chartbusters) with all six wise men singing to the rhythm of the guitar.

Adoration on Sunday night was a very peaceful time. Julian exposed the Blessed sacrament and gave the final blessing.