Week 4
12th to 18th Oct

We began with our sharing on the previous week. With every passing week the experiences seem deeper and richer.

Paul introduced us to the Experiments in Europe and the manner in which we are to go about discerning what kind of experiment will bring each one much profit. The experiment will be from 21st Jan to 4th April 2021.

Tom did a nice session with us on the Examen and Ignatian ways of praying. This served as a good refresher on prayer methods.

Paul took a session on the Deliberations of the First Fathers. One of the striking lines he quoted was “… as was with the first fathers, every group of tertians refounds the Society.”
We had Eileen O’Driscoll sharing with us her experience of working with the Jesuit team at Manresa retreat house, and how in general she has seen Ignatian spirituality permeate her life and her work.

Brian O’Leary, an Irish Jesuit, gave us a very insightful five hour-long sessions in Unlocking the Constitutions. His input was much appreciated. He gave us keys needed to enter into the Spirit of the Constitutions, the way Ignatius might have wanted every Jesuit to. It served as great preparation for the sessions which we will have in the reading of the Constitutions in the days ahead.

On Friday we had a meeting with the Jesuit community at Manresa retreat house. It was a nice gathering. It was nice to get to know the community and something about them. They too seemed glad to meet us.

Piaras Jackson spoke to us about the functioning of the retreat centre. He also showed us the lovely chapel and prayer room at the retreat house. He told us that we are welcome to pray there during the Spiritual Exercises.

The stained glass windows in the chapel are the creative work of Evie Home.