Week 3: 5th to 11th Oct

Week 3: 5th to 11th Oct

Week 3
5th to 11th Oct

Piaras Jackson, the director of the retreat house on campus, gave us an enlightening session on the Church in Ireland. He dwelt on the history of Catholicity in Ireland moving all the way down to modern trends.

We then had our community photograph clicked. Piaras was the expert roped in to do the job.

This was then followed by the tertians sharing (in 20 minutes each) the main features of the Church in their own countries. These sessions really gave us a global sense of how the Church has evolved and how the spirit has been moving in varying contexts. It also brought to the fore the challenges of the present day.

During this week we were allotted our Spiritual Guides, and most had their first meeting with their respective spiritual guides.
Paul then took an important session on Celibate Chastity. It involved much pondering and serious reflection.
In this week the tertians continued to explore parts of Dublin, including Glasnevin cemetery (which has among others the tombstone of Gerard Manley Hopkins), the Cathedral, Dublin castle, the Molly Malone statue, and other places.