Week 2: 28th Sept to 4th Oct

We had our Monday morning sharing.
We then moved into a round of Sharing from the Heart. Each one shared a significant incident from his life. All others then gave him feedback based on that sharing and based on what feelings got stirred within while listening. It was a very rich exercise and lasted through the week.

By the end of this week we had completed 14 days of restricted movement. So an outing was planned. Paul and Tom took us first to Howth and a couple of other places. The tertians then took some time off to visit places in Dublin.

By the end of this week we were also give our house jobs. The job distribution was as follows:

Tommy’s contact person – Lukas
Treasurer/ Shopping etc – Michele
House jobs coordinator – Roman
Handyman/ Cars – Eugenijus
Sacristy – Learoy
Laundry – Julian
Historia Domus – Learoy
Webmaster/ Computers – Julian
Bikes and Bike shed – Eugenijus
Recycling – Lukas
Plants/ Library/ Newspapers – Roman
Guestmaster – Michele

Other jobs are allotted on a weekly basis. They are:
Sanitising door handles, Dining Room mgmt., Drying the dishes, House cleaning, and dish washing in the kitchen.