This year the tertianship group in Dublin consists of 11 members. We gathered for the first time on 16 September 2019. We will be together until the end of May 2020.

During this time we will share with each other our experiences of our jesuit vocations through the spiritual exercises, reflecting upon our foundational texts, sharing our life stories, and explore different ministries.

  • Damian Mazurkiewicz
    Damian Mazurkiewicz

    I entered the Society of Jesus 19 years ago. I was ordained in 2011. Since then I worked in youth ministry in Krakow and at St. Ladislaus Parish in Chicago.

  • Gaël Giraud

    EOF, France

    Gael Giraud

    After having read again, together, Ignatius’ Autobiography, we had a beautiful week where each of us would share an episode of his life. A nice way to know each other somewhat better and, on top of that, to see how God works in our lives. By analogy with what happens in Luke’s Gospel and in the Acts, or in the Autobiography, we all make the experience, I believe, that God is the main actor of our strong and vulnerable lives. Or, at least, the main blower….

  • Miroslav Herold

    BOH, The Czech Republic

    Miroslav Herold

    I have been a Jesuit since 1996, and was ordained a priest in 2006 in Prague. After studies and pastoral work in my country, Slovakia and Italy, I am continuing PhD studies in Church History, focusing upon the period from the 16th to the 18th century.

  • Erwan Chauty

    EOF, France

    I was born in 1974 in France ; after studying engineering, I entered the Society in 1999. Having discovered the strength of the Word of God in my life, I specialized as a Biblical scholar after my ordination (2010). I am now teaching the Old Testament at Centre Sèvres (Paris) ; there, I hope I can let students discover the strength of this text, and enter in an intellectually critical way of thinking about faith and life.

  • Trevor Scott

    CAD, Canada

    I have been a Jesuit from the Canadian Province since 2002. After my philosophy and theology studies in Ottawa and Toronto I was ordained priest in 2013 in Toronto. Following my ordination my ministry has been in the Ignatian spirituality apostolate, as well as serving in the role of Ecclesiastical Assistant with Christian Life Community Canada.

  • Robert Murphy

    UCS, USA

    I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana but have lived the last few years in St. Louis, Missouri.  I am a licensed physical therapist and athletic trainer.  I like playing and watching sports as well as cooking.

  • Fransiskus Purhastanto

    IDO, Indonesia

    I am an Indonesian Jesuit working as a missionary in Japan Province. I have been in Japan since the year of 2000. Now I am working at Elisabeth University in Hiroshima teaching Christian-Islamic Anthropology.  I am very happy to join the Tertianship Program in Dublin.  It is a precious opportunity for me to study in this School of The Heart.