“Sharing from Heart” marked the second week of our Tertianship program, which was such an experience that allowed us to revisit our Jesuit life from deferent prospective, and helped us continue to learn from the past and from one another. The sharing also serves each tertian to know others deeper in a personal way.

After a rather heavy week, the group had a three-day pilgrimage to Glendalough, visiting the roots of Christianity in Ireland. We are impressed by the early Irish monastic tradition, a brief history of Irish Catholic Church and the Celtic spirituality.


The entrance to the ancient monastery site



St Kevin’s Church



At the end of the third week, Tertianship group held a‘At Home’ in Cardoner House. About 12 Jesuits from nearby communities of Irish province joined us to attend the lecture on the Society of Jesus in ZIM and MDG Provinces. A good evening, indeed.


‘At Home’