After spending ten weeks out on our experiments, tertians have all returned to Dublin, safe and sound. We were in Armenia, Iraq, Malta, Scotland, Hungary, Wales, Belgium, Albania, Italy, Kosovo, and even just down the road in Dublin. We brought back many experiences and the stories to go with them, so naturally the first days back were spent sharing lessons learned and graces received.

Still feeling the metabolism boost from working in the apostolate, we returned to lectures as usual on topics like the virtues of a good Jesuit, lay collaboration, recent history of the Society of Jesus, psychology and spiritual development, spiritual direction, and more on the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus. The presenters were from various backgrounds: lay and religious, local and imported. They all did a wonderful job.

These last weeks of the tertianship look a lot like the first, at least from the outside. We continue with our regular diet of Masses, classes, and jovial repasses over our lives as Jesuits thus far. But we know that this is near the end of the latest chapter in our Jesuit formation and the last formal one. A spirit of gratefulness is palpable, but so is a readiness to tackle our next assignments with the grace of God.

Soon, we will enter our annual eight-day silent retreat, so these photos from our experiments should entertain until the final post from this group of tertians. Please pray for us!


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