This past week has been a great opportunity for the tertians to explore the Church’s past to better understand the present. A field trip to nearby Glendalough put us in contact with a monastery founded by St. Kevin 1500 years ago. We heard lectures on the Church’s history in Ireland, when we weren’t soaking up the beautiful scenery. Sharing the Eucharist in Trinity Church (mostly still standing since the 11th century) was an unforgettable experience.
Now that we have returned home, we are rounding out our historical emphasis with lectures on the Second Vatican Council and on the more recent General Congregations.
Of course, getting to know one another has yet to reach a plateau. Three of the tertians were given the opportunity to give a short presentation to the others and to Jesuits from in and near Dublin. The topic covered their work concerning the events in Syria and the refugee crisis it has created.