Hanh cooking for the community



One of the consolations in being in a Jesuit community is the grace to serve your brothers by making their tummy happy. Last week Saturday, Gregoire Le Bele, Clement Nguyen, and Marco Ciavarella prepared  sumptuous mussel meal with white wine. By Sunday, it was a Vietnamese meal with Hanh Duc Pham cooking Banh Xeo to the delight of the whole community for it was overly delicious. Muchas gracias hermano or should I say, rất ngon! Cảm ơn bạn.

This weekend, Jeff Pioquinto prepared Zamboanga’s style Seafood Chowder, Scampi Pasta and Knickerbocker for dessert. It was his first time to cook and this is where youtube would come in handy. Tonight, Bogdan and Jiri prepared the meal. Since Bogdan is from Poland and Jiri from Prague/Switzerland, they agreed to meet half way, so they prepared Viennese cuisine, Schnitzel.

It is also a consolation to see everyone helping in the kitchen washing the dishes and keeping the kitchen back in order every after meals. 

There are more or less 4 weeks to go in Tertianship and more chances to taste food from different countries and more opportunities to cook for the community.

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