After preliminary discussions on the different vows in the Society of Jesus, the tertianship house was blessed with the presence and contribution of Fr. Brendan Callaghan, SJ. Brendan gave two sessions on the psychological dimension of the Jesuit vow of chastity. It was very insightful for he gave solid lecture of the psychological aspect of our vow of chastity in spite of  the limitation of time. It was also very practical for he gave cases for us to read, reflect and discuss.  It was helpful for he gave us more space for reflection and group sharing as well as creating a space where we can freely think, reflect and share about our opinions, learnings and experiences.

Truly our session with Brendan was a Kyrios experience – a moment of grace.  It gave us matter for prayer and  to continually beg for the grace to truly don on the person of Christ when we live out our vows as Jesuits especially since we’re almost done with the program and making ourselves available if the time comes when we receive the invitation to take our final vows.

Fr. Brendan is a Jesuit psychologist specializing in celibacy and sexuality and  currently the novice master of “four provinces” (Britain, Ireland, Flander and the Netherlands) and he is also a psychologist specializing in celibacy and sexuality.










The photo above was taken by a tertian in 2013 of Fr. Brendan giving a talk in Cardoner House.

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