Dinner with the Jesuit Community at Gardiner Street

Dinner with the Jesuit Community at Gardiner Street



The tertians and their instructors were invited for a mass and dinner at St. Francis Xavier Parish Jesuit Community at Gardiner Street. It was in honor of St. Peter Canisius, whose feastday we are celebrating today, April 27, 2016. The gathering was made more meaningful because Pope Francis has approved the beatification of Venerable John Sullivan, SJ. This is really a milestone for the Jesuit in Ireland as well as for Clongowes Wood College, where Fr. John Sullivan served for how many years as well as to the people of Kildare.

In this Archdiocese of Dublin website, “Archbishop Martin said John Sullivan was marked in a special way by a great care for the sick.  “Reading his biographies is like reading a directory of the hospitals and the homes for the sick in the Dublin of his days.  There was nothing that would hold him back from visiting someone who was sick and who had asked for his prayers.  In his years in Clongowes College he would travel by bicycle or on foot when he heard the news of someone who was ill.   He was not a medical expert or a faith healer, but a man who through his own prayer and personal holiness was able to transmit to those he encountered something of the healing power and the Good News of Jesus Christ.”



Vocation Promotions and Amazing Race

Out of the ordinary activity is fun sometimes. Today, we discussed  Chapter 10 of the Constitutions and specifically on Vocation Promotions. The session was led by Hanh and Angelo. It was somewhat a creative way of introducing the topic by allowing the tertians, including our instructors (given the tenet that vocation promotions in the Society, is a mission of everyone) to divide into two groups with specific instructions on where to find the questions for discussions. It was like an Amazing Race experience. We found our questions in the chapel then we discussed those given questions as a group. Once the group sharing was done, we went back to the aula for the plenary. Angelo gave us  some texts to reflect based on the different Jesuit documents on vocation promotions.


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Vocation and Discernment of Spirit

Vocation and Discernment of Spirit




Every Monday, it is already our routine to share our reflection of the past week. Sharing of consolations and desolations, things and events of significance to us and even things mundane that somehow allow us to open ourselves to God and to others.


In our second session, we went back to the discussion of vocation promotion and the application of Discernment of Spirt. Jan, one of our Tertian Instructors led the discussion through a case study. The activity reminded us about the ex officio letter of Fr. General on Jesuit being overworked and how it affects our ministry and even our own very vocation. Prayer life is central to Jesuit life.

Tomorrow, Hanh will lead us to a deeper discussion on Vocation Promotions.



The Joy in Community Life

The Joy in Community Life

Hanh cooking for the community



One of the consolations in being in a Jesuit community is the grace to serve your brothers by making their tummy happy. Last week Saturday, Gregoire Le Bele, Clement Nguyen, and Marco Ciavarella prepared  sumptuous mussel meal with white wine. By Sunday, it was a Vietnamese meal with Hanh Duc Pham cooking Banh Xeo to the delight of the whole community for it was overly delicious. Muchas gracias hermano or should I say, rất ngon! Cảm ơn bạn.

This weekend, Jeff Pioquinto prepared Zamboanga’s style Seafood Chowder, Scampi Pasta and Knickerbocker for dessert. It was his first time to cook and this is where youtube would come in handy. Tonight, Bogdan and Jiri prepared the meal. Since Bogdan is from Poland and Jiri from Prague/Switzerland, they agreed to meet half way, so they prepared Viennese cuisine, Schnitzel.

It is also a consolation to see everyone helping in the kitchen washing the dishes and keeping the kitchen back in order every after meals. 

There are more or less 4 weeks to go in Tertianship and more chances to taste food from different countries and more opportunities to cook for the community.

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Virtues in Jesuit Spirituality and Life with Nick Austin, SJ

Virtues in Jesuit Spirituality and Life with Nick Austin, SJ

Nick Austin, SJ



Nicholas Austin, SJ gave a talk to the tertians on The Portrait of the General and on the Virtues in Jesuit Spirituality and Life. It was very timely for in months to come, the Society will be having a general congregation and will elect a new superior general.

Nick  teaches theology at Heythrop College, University of London, and has previously taught at Edinburgh Living Theology. He also did his tertianship here at European Tertianship in Dublin two years ago.

Though we were asked to reflect on the different qualities/virtues  that a general should possess, that same reality holds true to every Jesuit who ought to live a life worthy of our call as members of the Society of Jesus. If one is to be faithful to his vows and ministry, those qualities and virtues should be evident.

These qualities are the following:

  1. Qualities of Spirit:

Familiarity with God

2. Qualities of Heart

Love of Neighbour and humility

Temeperance, Modesty and Decorum

Kindness and Rectitude

Magnanimity, Fortitude, Perseverance, Constancy and Equanimity

3. Qualities of Head

Learning and Prudence/Discretion/Discernment/Good Counsel

Initiative and Completion

It was a worthwhile session of short talks, reflection and group sharing.

After the session, I thought to myself that given those qualities that we are looking for in our Superior General, probably we are looking for a saint. It  may sound idealistic but it is possible and I remain hopeful. We have countless of Jesuits who exemplifies/d those qualities/virtues; saints and ordinary Jesuits alike.

We continue to pray to be magnanimous at heart, mind and action.

“I humbly ask that you judge this total commitment of myself acceptable; and as you have freely given me the desire to make this offering, so also may you give me the abundant grace to fulfill it” (Jesuit Vow Formula)


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