Fr. Jan van de Poll, SJ our tertian instructor, celebrated his 40th Sacerdotal Anniversary at Clongowes Wood College. He presided the mass and was con-celebrated by 2 priests from the school and 5 tertians (Gregoire, Angelo, Ziad, Zeljko, Clement)

Fr. Jan gave a striking sermon on John the Baptist and he used the anology of trees and leadership to illustrate the mission and person of John the Baptist. His edifying antics and dramatic use of voice and expressions glued the attention of the  kids to his sermon.

After the mass, they had a sumptuous lunch with the Jesuit community in Clongowes. Truly Jesuits in Ireland are warm and hospitable.

The celebration continued during dinner, the sister of Marco (tertian from Italy) and her husband, are here in Dublin for a short vacation and they prepared Italian dishes to the heart’s content of the tertians.

It was a fine and wonderful day!

Happy Anniversary Jan !!!

Fr. Jan's 40th Sacerdotal Anniversary

Fr. Jan’s 40th Sacerdotal Anniversary-Italian Dinner