Oremus pro invicem! Tertians Long Retreat

Oremus pro invicem! Tertians Long Retreat

Starting today, November 20, 2015, after the mass at 8 in the evening, we will commence with our 30 day Silent Ignatian Retreat. Oremus pro invicem! Please pray for us 11 Tertians and to our retreat directors as well (our tertian instructors) Jan and Paul. May this long retreat be ever fruitful with the encounter of our God who is so loving, magnanimous and compassionate. We also keep your intentions in our prayers too.

To help us focus deeply into this retreat, all forms of communication will be suspended for the time being, including this website. We will resume posting by December 21, 2016.

In case of emergency: you can contact Jan van de Poll, SJ through  this email:<jvdpoll(at)jesuits.net>


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Days before the Long Retreat

Days before the Long Retreat

Just a list of events and activities prior to our Long Retreat:

MondayNovember 16, 2015: Sharing of reflection from last week’s activities especially on the graced-filled autobiography.

TuesdayNovember 17, 2015: Talks on the Suppression and Restoration of the Society of Jesus by Paul and Jan (our tertian instructors)

WednesdayNovember 18, 2015: We had the whole day a time for reading, further reflections, and time to for physical exercises while at 8 in the evening, we had a session with  Fr. John K. Guiney, SJ. Fr. John shared his edifying stories as a Jesuit, as a Jesuit missionary in Africa and how he survived a gruesome plane crash. Yes, you read it right, a plane crash! 

ThursdayNovember 20, 2015: We had a sharing on some pertinent annotations in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius to help us dispose ourselves freely to the Long retreat.

We also discussed some practical matters like house cleaning and liturgy, for the break day, and on things after the long retreat like trip going to Galway during the Christmas break. 3 Tertians (Frs. Walter, Hanh and Angelo) will be helping out with the Manresa Spirituality Center in giving New Year directed retreat.

We also share the discernment process and the different places where we are going to for our placement or experiment come January 15, 2016 for more or less 3 months outside the basic structure of the Tertianship house.

Ziad (Syria) – will be going to Brussel

Bogdan (Poland) – Will be going to Colombia

Jiri (Czech/Switzerland) – Switzerland

Jeff (Philippines) – Clongowes Wood College in Kildare, Ireland

Walter (Belgium) – Saint Denis, ile des reunions

Marco (Italy) – Scotland

Gregoire (France) – Armenia

Clement (France) – Arbil, Iraq

Hand (USA) – Malta

Angelo (Philippines) – Morning Star, Dublin City Center

Pasa (Croatia/Lebanon) – Scotland


We will give more details about the experiments after the long retreat.


Autumn in Cardoner House

Graced Family Stories

Graced Family Stories


Two weeks of sharing our family stories has been very consoling and grace-filled experience. With this, I was humbled by the process and the experience itself. Going through one’s history may not be a walk in the park but somehow it brings about a deep consolation when seen in the lens of graced personal history. It wasn’t just a narration of events and people who came to our lives but mindfully and reflective way of looking into the core of our being, on who we are today by looking at the past in light of the Spiritual Exercises: on how God has been working thru and with us and how we responded.

While processing my experience, our stories is a story of the First Principle and Foundation in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius:

…we should not fix our desires on health or sickness, wealth or poverty, success or failure, a long life or a short one. For everything has the potential of calling forth in us a deeper response to our life in God.

Oliver May poem has this to say:

Instructions for Living A Life:
Pay Attention.
Be Astonished.
Tell About It.

If I may add a fourth line, “Respond.”







Listening to 11 different stories is like entering into the realm of the Sacred. We shared our very self when we share our intimate stories: our pain and suffering and our triumphs and joys in life. Each story is unique and it shows the diversity of the group who came mostly from Europe, 1 from the US, 1 from Syria and 2 from the Philippines. The diversity and uniqueness of the stories allowed one to enter deeply into his own story and at the end, our diversity intertwined with out common heritage: being Ignatian/Jesuit. Sinners yet loved and called by God.

It is our common Jesuit identity that binds us together, rooted in a love of Christ known & experienced through the lens of St. Ignatius and the Society, our formation, our shared experience of Christ tru the Spiritual Exercises.

Surely, we’ll be bringing these graces to our Long Retreat starting Friday, November 21, 2015.

Supper with the Jesuit Community in 27 Leinster Road

Supper with the Jesuit Community in 27 Leinster Road

4 tertians were invited to have a supper at the John Sullivan House of Formation for Jesuits or better known as the Jesuit Community in Leinster Road. We were warmly welcomed by Father Superior Martin Curry and by two Polish regents: Mateusz Basiejko and Kamil Slawinski and Fr. Siriach Killenga from Tanzania.

It was a night of great lasagna, stories and brotherhood.


From L to R: Jeff, Bogdan, Martin, Marco, Mateus, Kamil and Angelo.

Funeral of Michael Paul Gallagher

Funeral of Michael Paul Gallagher

Last November 10, 2015, Around 11 Jesuits from the Cardoner Tertian Community Attended the funeral of an Irish Jesuit Michael Paul Gallagher, who died on Friday 6 November.

Well-known Jesuit priest Fr Micahel Paul Gallagher  hailed from Sligo and after secondary school at Clongowes Wood College in Kildare he joined the Jeuits and studied in Renaissance literature at Oxford. He taught Englishliterature for nearly 20 years at University College, Dublin before going to Rome where he lectured in theology at the Gregorian University. He held the post of Dean at the faculty of theology there from 2005 to 2008.

Shortly before his death he recorded a series of short videos for the Jesuit Guide to Making Good Decisions. He also wrote the text for an online Advent Retreat soon to be published on the Jesuit prayer website ‘Sacred Space’ and the ‘Pray-As-You -Go’ podcast prayer website of the Jesuits in Britian.



photo taken from the Irishtime.com