After a week of lectures and finishing our autobiography, time for a haustus on a Friday night. We had simple drinks and chips to perk us up. Gregoire introduced fun French game to the community where all can participate even Bogdan, who is suffering from toothache. It’s called “Your time is up!” and it is being played like charades or taboo.

Finding right words and actions in English to describe the item can be very challenging but fun.

It also awaken our competitive spirit (right, Ziad?) but in the end the objectives of the game are to build community and to have fun. I guess, we attained our objectives. Thanks to everyone for being a good sport and in giving their full support on this activity.

Tertians know how to have  fun too.


Bogdan showing to the community how to play the game like a pro.



Calm George with his best skill…charades.