It is written that the Constitutions developed a thoroughly apostolic spirituality. The purpose or end of the life of the Jesuit is to glorify and serve God by helping the neighbour.

This week, we wrestled and prayed with the texts as we look inwardly so as to respond outwardly to the world, the vineyard, and examine where we can better grow as Jesuits for the greater possibilities for gaining fruit for God’s greater glory.


Gregoire sharing his digital masterpiece and his reflection to the group.

Eleven tertians were divided into 5 groups to report on the following:

  1. General Examen 1 (by Hanh and George)
  2. General Examen 2 (by Zeljko and Walter)
  3. Part VII Chapter 1 (by Marco and Bogdan)
  4. Part VII Chapter 2 (by Jeff and Angelo)
  5. Part VII Chapter 3 (by Gregoire, Clement and Ziad)

Hanh and George gave an active, fun  and interesting activity where we have to role play so as to discuss criteria on accepting people into the novitiate. Zeljko and Walter gave a foretaste of the 30-day retreat through their guided reflection, and sharing during the mass. Marco and Bogdan gave as a glimpse of being sent on a mission with the perspective of the Curia. While Angelo and I, showed a video with texts and reflections from the topics assigned and Angelo brought the community into reflection through the Call of the King. We’ll have the last group’s report on Thursday.


Ziad sharing his reflection to the group.