Brian O’Leary SJ is an Irish Jesuit who has written and lectured widely in Ignatian Spirituality. His most recent book, ‘Sent into the Lord’s Vineyard’, was published in 2012 by The Way.



Last October 15-16, 2015, the tertians had a two-day session with Brian O’Leary, SJ on the Constitution of the Society of Jesus. The talk revolved around the theme on “A Spirit searching for a Body: Constitutions”

The talk is meant to give an overview of the Constitutions, the spirit behind it and its essence. To help us somehow pray on the Constitutions that is to do a contemplative reading and not rushing through the texts. Jesuits should keep Christ at all time and he does not cease at any moment, being aware of God…not only being contemplative during prayer alone but on anything he does. But this experience can be diluted or evaporated, hence, one must carry with him the institute – Jesuit documents. It is his pathway to God, pathway that foster dynamic of union with God.

“The constitutions are a document quite complex. It is like a labyrinth thanks to Bobadilla. It need a help to enter the Constitution. Found keys to enter in a sapiential reading of the text, a document of wise.”  (O’ Leary)

First key: centrality of part VII – dispersion in the vineyard (NC the mission and the ministries of the society)

Second key: identifying the 3 schools in the constitution

Third key: the pathway to God. 

Fourth key: spirit searching for a body