This week, September 29 to October 3, 2015, we’ll be sharing our stories from the Heart. Today the tertians are reminded of  an expression which Pope Francis repeats continually when he encounters seminarians. Though we are no longer in the initial formation but nonetheless it speaks about a reality that we are going through in tertianship.   It is a concept permeated with the wisdom and the concern of a father: Forming the Heart.

“The expression entails something profound, tied to a biblical concept of the first order. God speaks to the heart, and man responds from the deepest core of his personality, that is to say, from his heart. ” (Taken from A Vision of Priestly Formation in the Light of the Words and Actions of Pope Francis)

Forming the heart, in our context and at this initial stage of our tertianship, is to allow ourselves to be in touch with our feelings, to wrestle with it, to name it so as we can transcend and gain more interior freedom so as we can be witnesses of God’s love and hope to other people.

Yes, sharing one’s feeling can be daunting for we are used to being celebral but with openness, respect and acceptance, we can grow more as a person in the community, journeying together in this life called FORMATIVE PILGRIMAGE.