Pope Francis, Mission and Tertianship

Pope Francis, Mission and Tertianship

“Go out to proclaim the good news that error, deceitful illusions and falsehoods do not have the last word in a person’s life. Go out with the ointment which soothes wounds and heals hearts. Mission is never the fruit of a perfectly planned program or a well-organized manual. Mission is always the fruit of a life which knows what it is to be found and healed, encountered and forgiven. Mission is born of a constant experience of God’s merciful anointing…” Pope Francis, Homily Washington DC, 9/23.

This morning, we had a session with Fr. Jan about reflectiveness, communication, awareness and journaling while Fr Paul talked on what tertianship is all about, its process and content. He made use of Kolvenbach’s letter and it was very enlightening.

So is tertianship, a constant experience of God’s merciful anointing. This is our mission. Our Schola Affectus – School of the Heart.


Jesuit Brothers

Jesuit Brothers

There are two Jesuit Brothers in the English speaking European Tertianship in Dublin, Marco Ciavarella from Italy and myself (Jeff Pioquinto from the Philippines.) During our interaction with the Manresa Spirituality Center Jesuit Community, our neighbor, we met Br. Joe Ward, SJ who is an edifying Jesuit brother from the Irish province who is doing a ministry through counseling and among so many other things.


Interaction with Jesuits from  Manresa House Community

Interaction with Jesuits from Manresa House Community

Today, we had an encounter/interaction with the Jesuits of the Manresa House Community. Our right next door neighbor and is led by their rector, Fr. Mike Drennan, SJ.


It was very edifying in knowing Jesuits who devoted their lives faithfully to the mission of the Society of Jesus in Ireland. We got to know their apostolates and other apostolates where the Jesuits in this country are into, living out the Gospel for the greater glory of God. The English speaking Tertianship in Europe is  in Ireland and it’s good to know the Jesuits and their apostolates so as to better understand and appreciate the beauty and significance of this place.

Truly we speak the same language (Ignatian) in spite of the differences. This is the universal Society. Friends in the Lord.

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Starting Point

Starting Point


A new morning means a new beginning, a new consolation, a new struggle, a new endeavor, but with the Lord by our side we can overcome any challenges and turn obstacles into stepping stones, embrace the graces we receive and in gratitude, we say thank you to our God. A God who can never be outdone in generosity.

With his magnanimity, He called 11 tertians to this year’s European Tertianship Program in Dublin, Ireland:

Ceyssens, Walter BSE; Ciavarella, Marco ITA; Hilal, Ziad PRO; Le Bel, Gregoire GAL; Lesniak, Bogdan PMA/DIR; Nguyen, Clement GAL; Obruca, Jiri BOH/HEL; Pasa, Zeljko CROA/PRO; Pham, Hanh-Duc UCS; Pioquinto, Jeffrey PHI and Silerio, Angelo, PHI


Photo: Sunrise. Castle-Manresa Spirituality Center. By Jeff Pioquinto, SJ


Start of the  Jesuit European Tertianship in Dublin 2015-16

Start of the Jesuit European Tertianship in Dublin 2015-16

The Jesuit European Tertianship in Dublin has just started last September 21, 2015. Eleven tertians from Europe and from other parts of the world. Jan van de Poll is our tertian master and to assist him is Paul Pace.

First day of Tertianship in Dublin

We started the program with a mass which was celebrated by Fr. Tom Layden, SJ, provincial of the Irish Province and was concelebrated by two of our tertian instructors,  Fr. Jan Van de Poll and  Fr. Paul Pace. We had simple haustus after the mass to get to know one another.

Some of us are still struggling with jet lags but somehow we are getting by.

This is just the beginning and more exciting and meaningful experiences are coming our way.

Hope you can journey with us in prayers and reflections for God’s greater glory.