Dear friends:

This is a quick note to say that the Jesuits of the European Tertianship are in their last few days of the program. You can see what we have done by looking at the Historia Domus, which explains very well our daily activities.

At this point, I want to thank those who followed us and prayed for us over the course of this past year. You were a source of inspiration and and support. We will always be grateful for that.

To the new Tertianship group for 2015 – 2016… those who will occupy our home in just a few months… By now you’re either anticipating your move to Ireland or you have already arrived.

If there is anything we can say to you upon your arrival, it would be that – if your experience is anything like ours – it will be absolutely life-changing in almost every aspect. Sometimes you feel as though there is too little to do; sometimes you feel as though there is too much. In the midst of it all, try and keep a cool head and recognize that God is working with you daily and in the slowest of ways.

We could not have anticipated how quickly 8 months would have gone, but we are now in our last three days of Tertianship (19 May 2015) and there is a sense of sadness as people look to returning home. Enjoy every minute; grow deeper in love with Jesus the Christ; and know – above all – that people are praying for you every day as you embark upon this School of the Heart.

God bless you,