On Thursday, 5th May, we hosted Terence O’Reilly, a scholar from the University of Cork and a specialist on16th Century Spanish literature. Terence had kindly prepared some lectures specifically for our Tertianship.  During the day, he shared with us some of his discoveries about the sources from which Ignatius drew in order to understand his own spiritual experiences. It was a carousel of Spanish and Latin authors and we were fascinated by the attention with which he managed to retrace back to their origins some of the expressions that we might consider today deeply “Ignatian”.  We gained a sense of how Ignatius was both deeply rooted in the traditions of prayer and discernment that preceded him, as well as extending them creatively on the basis of his own inspiration.
Terence stayed with us one more day and many of us appreciated his humble, yet incredibly pleasant presence at the table during our meals. He turned out to be a very interesting conversation partner on much more than his specialist academic field.  It was a delight to have him with us.