david_coghlan_sjThe last period: Where it appears that our Tertianship is now coming to its end…

On Thursday, the 16th  May we had time in the morning for a review of the entire Tertianship, with personal integration and sharing on the program and our main learnings during this year… In the evening session entitled “living Jesuit life in the context of final vows”, we met with David Coghlan S.J., professor and writer.

Our retreat (May 8 – 15) was a good and peaceful time to integrate all the gifts we received during this year, and to continue to be shaped by the living Word of God to become more and more Companions of Jesus. Jacques left Dublin just at the beginning of the retreat, in order to accompany his family, for his mother is now seriously ill. We prayed especially for them every day during this retreat.


Most of us know now our next destinations and missions (some of us knew it from the beginning, others learned of it during the year, others very recently), and our hearts are turned toward these people we’ll meet and serve. After having received so many gifts here, we’re happy to share them with others, “helping the souls” as we have been helped.

It’s good here to thank Joe and Jan, simply but deeply. The last days are now prepared for us to collect and share this joy.