terence_o´reillyTuesday, the 7th – Terence O’Reilly gave us a powerful and deeply inspiring session on the spiritual diary of St. Ignatius.  It was a perfect introduction to our retreat we started the same evening with the Eucharist. It means that for a week until the Wednesday 15th, as we did during the long retreat in November and December, we will suspend communication with others during this time, changing our daily routine to enter a new rhythm of prayer in silence.  And so we will continue to pray for each other, even more intensely.

As Monday the 6th May was a bank holiday in all of Ireland, we took advantage of the long weekend to have a break.  Most of us visited the west or north of Ireland, enjoying wonderful landscapes and the rich history of those places, discovering more of the wild but beautiful Irish culture.  The break was also a good communitarian experience, as we spent free time with each other; and a good preparation for the retreat to come, relaxing minds and bodies after the last work week, and rejoicing the soul with the beauty of large views. Thankfully, sunny weather was part of this experience, building more concretely a paschal atmosphere… A rare and very appreciated gift in this country!