Monday, the 15th – We started our common work this week with a sharing from the heart, a personal reflection on the last two weeks since the return from our placements. After this harvest, Jan gave an introduction to Part X of the Constitutions.

todd_morrissey_sjTuesday morning was devoted to an historical analysis of the suppression and restoration of the Society which happened two centuries ago. Our fellow tertian John and our neighbour Todd Morrissey sj presented the facts, and also the causes and effects of these events, while Jan presented the life of Fr de Cloriviere, a French Jesuit whose life was a bridge between the two periods of the Society. These historical lectures helped us enter a reflection for nowadays, with five questions asked by our Father General to reflect about these events and the lessons for our present and future.

On Wednesday, the 17th the small groups continued to work together in order to prepare their presentations for the next days, while individual readings and works went on too.