kevinMonday, the 8th 

We started our work this week according to the usual rhythm of sessions (two hours of introductory presentation in the morning, then personal time in the afternoon for reading and reflecting on the material, preparing projects, etc…): Fr. Kevin O’Rourke, S.J. returned to our reflection on chastity (following the sessions we had before the experiment on this topic), while Joe introduced the Jesuit documents on poverty, giving as usual his own personal insights and suggestions for readings and personal reflection.

Tuesday, the 9th

We had two new introductions this morning: Jan on obedience and Joe on community life. We now have a lot of material to read and to prepare, alone and in small groups, in order to deepen these dimensions of our Jesuit life.

Wednesday, the 10th

According to our usual rhythm, this day was spent on personal work (the weather was so grey that it encouraged us to stay inside!), and also to rest and do other tasks.