thanksgivingBack home from the mission experiment, on 1 April 2013 all twelve tertians gathered in Dublin. Our instructors Joe and Jan were happy to see us back alive and well. Now the celebrations of the Easter Octave are filled with gratitude to the Lord for all what we have received and with joy for being together. Enriched by the new experiences and a bit exhausted from the toil we give place to friendly talks. We try to recharge our physical energies, relaxing with sports and enjoying the excellent cuisine of our cook, Tommy. Each of us is evaluating the fruits of the last ten weeks in prayerful reflection and getting ready to give a concise presentation to the group. For the next couple of days, therefore, the variety of experience brought from different parts of Europe, Asia and the Indian Ocean promise another exciting exercise of listening and mutual exchange, which is substantial for the aims of the Tertianship program.