Sharing the mission experience

Sharing the mission experience

The last period: where it appears that tertianship roots mission in depth and opens a way of contemplating God’s glory in everything, in light of the Resurrection…

reflectionMonday, the 1st of April

During the long experiment, from January the 17th to March the 30th, we were scattered. Today is the day to gather again in Dublin. By car, boat, plane, we all travelled to come back here. The joy of Easter gave its light for these encounters, and everyone was happy to meet the others again. At night, everyone was at home, and Jan and Joe could sleep in peace.. or not, for they now had to work again…

Tuesday, the 2nd

As during this week, we needed time to rest, some of us having had long travels, other being simply tired after 10 weeks of work in various demanding ministries… (more…)