sr_ann_coddThursday, the 10th

During the three sessions of this day, Sr. Anne Codd, PBVM, offered us some sociological tools to reflect on our way of proceeding in our ministries, and more largely in the Church: reflecting for example on the different dimensions of the Mission, or on the organization of power and authority in our institutions and communities.

Friday, the 11th

On the morning, we worked on our Constitutions: Antun, Jozef, Elias and Barnabas presented parts I to III, while John, Lucas, Fernando and Jacques presented parts IV and V of the Constitutions. An Haustus in the evening gathered many of us, and we shared wonderful videos from Youtube…

Saturday – Sunday, the 12th-13th

A nice weather on Saturday, and Chinese food prepared by Lucas… On Sunday usual pastoral services for some of us.