2013 – 2014 Tertians

Tertians 2013 - 2014On 23 September 2013, a new international Jesuit community became a reality, its members to enjoy the next eight months or so together in Cardoner House at the Jesuit Centre of Spirituality in Dublin.

Here we are:
Stefano Corticlli (Italy), Georges E. Collins (USA), Atilla Andras (Hungary), Nicholas Austin (Great Britain), Miroslaw Bozek (Poland), Christian Bargerh (Austria), Stephen Patterson (USA), Elemer Vizi (Hungary), Gregory Jacobs (Australia), Primoz Jakop (Slovenia), Adrian Contofalsky (Slovakia)

  • Gregory Jacobs

    Gregory was born in Australia to Dutch parents. He grew up in Wagga Wagga, among the sheep and wheat farmers of New South Wales. After studying chemistry at university he worked in a hospital pathology laboratory. At the same time he volunteered with St Vincent de Paul helping to organise and run kids‘ camps for those children who had never had a holiday. In trying to find a way to bring these two worlds of science and faith together Gregory found the Jesuit ideal of “finding God in all things” to be a possible solution. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1996 in Sydney and was ordained in 2008 in Wagga Wagga. He has since worked in Jesuit parishes in Brisbane and Perth, and just completed a Masters degree in Science and Religion at Edinburgh University.

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  • Christian Bargehr

    Christian is from a small village in the western part of Austria. After getting to know the Jesuits during his studies in theology he joined the Society in 1999. As part of his formation he graduated from the Institute of Psychology at the Gregorian University in Rome. Since his priestly ordination, for the last five years, he served as director of a small youth centre in Innsbruck, Austria.


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  • Stefano Corticelli

    Stefano was born in Turin, in north-west Italy, and joined the Society in 1996. He studied theology in Naples and in Paris, living on the outskirts of the city. Ordained priest in 2008, he helped two years in a parish. He was than sent to the Jesuit community in Bologne, to take part in the double mission of leading a youth center and a retreat house.


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  • Stephen Patterson

    Stephen was born in Oldham, England and joined the British Province of the Society of Jesus in 1997. He studied Philosophy and Theology at Heythrop College, London, and the Universidad de Comillas, Madrid. During his training he also worked for two years at Loyola Hall Retreat House in the UK, giving the Spiritual Exercises. He was ordained priest in 2008 and between 2009 and 2011 he worked as a Parish Priest in Georgetown, Guyana. Recently he completed his Licentiate in Sacred Theology at the Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley, California.

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  • Primož Jacob

    Primož was born in 1971 in Slovenia, and is the eldest of three children. From an early age he learned to appreciate the natural environment, and this led him to the decision to study forestry. During his time at university, he came across the figure of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and encountered his spirituality. By the end of his studies he had already discerned that he was called to be a Jesuit. From his entry into the Society of Jesus he has been attracted to work in the social apostolate, and also received the assignment to work with youth. Recently, he finished his Master’s degree in Theology in Paris.

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  • Miroslaw Bozek

    Miroslaw was born in 1971 in Poland, and has lived for most of his life in Katowice. He joined the Society of Jesus in 1994. He studied philosophy in Cracow, and did his ‘regency’ or pastoral placement in the retreat house in Czechowice-Dziedzice, followed by theology studies in in Warsaw. Later he did his STL degree (Sacred Theology Licentiate) at Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, California. After he was ordained in 2004, he worked as socius (assistant) of the novice master in Stara Wies (2005-2008). From 2008 until 2013 he was again in the United States, this time in Chicago, to serve the Polish community there.

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  • Elemer Vizi

    Elemer was born in 1974 in Transylvania, Romania and ordained priest in 2000. He encountered the Jesuits during his studies in Alba Iulia and Freiburg, Germany. After serving the diocesan office as secretary to the Archbishop of Alba Iulia for three years he entered the Hungarian Province of the Society of Jesus in 2003. He was formed in the area of spirituality in Toronto/Guelph, worked in the novitiate as socius (assistant) to the novice master, and in the last years he was in charge of the Retreat House of his Province, working as the director of the Center for Ignatian Spirituality in Budapest.

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  • Nick Austin

    Nick was born in Coventry, England. After studying philosophy and teaching at a secondary school, he entered the Society of Jesus in 1996. He worked for two years in Georgetown, Guyana, and completed a Ph.D. in Theological Ethics at Boston College. For the last three years he has been a superior of a Jesuit community in Brixton, London, while teaching Christian Ethics at Heythrop College, University of London.


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  • Adrián Čontofalský

    Adrian was born in 1980 in Prešov, Slovakia. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1998, and was ordained priest in 2008. After studying philosophy and theology in Bratislava he worked for two years in a pastoral centre in Piešťany with families and children. During this time he spent three months in Taipei, Taiwan, studying Chinese. Later he worked in a university pastoral center in Trnava as a chaplain for youth. During this time he was a webmaster for the Slovak Province website. After that he returned to pastoral work with families in Košice. For the last four years he was a Spiritual Assistant in the Federation of European Scouts (FSE) in Slovakia.

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  • George E. Collins

    George is from the New England Province (USA) and entered the Society in August 2000 after a career in the electrical utility industry and in computer software sales. George is a native Bostonian. Since his ordination in June 2010 George did a pastoral year at St Agnes Parish in San Francisco, California while he completed his STL (licence in theology). For the past two years, George has worked at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut as the director of campus ministry.

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  • Hector Mukwato

    Hector was born in Chingola, Zambia. He met the Jesuits and entered the novitiate in Lusaka. He studied philosophy in Harare, theology in Nairobi and pastoral theology in London. Before coming for tertianship he worked as province vocations promoter (Zambia-Malawi), and also assisted at a parish with Masses and youth work whenever in town.


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  • Attila András

    Attila was born in 1977 in Transylvania. He entered in the Society of Jesus at the age of 19 and, after fourteen years of formation, was ordained on his 33th birthday. Since 2011 he has been at the Jesuit High School and Boarding School in Miskolc, Hungary.


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