meeting_john_dardisThursday, the 20th of December

We finish the great retreat this morning. We have to reenter the daily life and its rhythm, after the long experience of silence and prayer, and to collect the fruits of this experience. Jacques will join his family for 2 days, for the burial of his grandmother. We pray with him and for him.

Friday, the 21st

We have a personal time to collect the first impressions of this retreat, and to share with others the fruits we can name at this stage. To prepare a more complete review of our great retreat, we are helped by precise questions, in order to collect the main fruits we received from God during these blessed days. We join the Manresa spiritual center team (Jesuit community and lay people working in the center) for a feast lunch.

Saturday, the 22nd

After a deep sharing from the heart about the fruits of the great retreat, and the mass to celebrate the One who gave us all these gifts, the day is spent in various personal activities. Skype and e-mail boxes are now very busy.

Sunday the 23rd

A Sunday as usual, with celebrations outside for some of us. On the evening, meeting with John Dardis, president of the Conference of European Provincials, who spoke to us about the great movements and projects in Europe.