Eighth period: where it appears that tertianship is building a community from the heart

Monday, the 5th

This day, Damjan and Fernando offered their sharing, and Jan presided at the Eucharist. This week, and part of next one, will be spent essentially on sharing our personal stories. Each of us has one hour to give an account of his roots, his familial story, his education, his vocation, and all the main events and experiences he wants to share. This powerful exercise is good for the one who speaks, for he can offer what he wants about his sacred story, organized chronologically or thematically, with photographs or not…  It’s also good for those who listen to him, for we discover the unique and marvelous story of each of us, and how the Lord has worked in our stories. We thus come to know each other in a deeper way, and wonder about the abundant gifts of the Lord. This exercise leads us to contemplation, seeing better how our stories are stories of creation, revelation and redemption:

Creation for we received many gifts, and through many people who gave us our life, we became step by step this unique man living now freely among others;

Revelation, for through many ‘angels’ and events and internal lights, we were led to know intimately our Lord and His Love for us and for the World;

Redemption for each of us has had to be saved and healed, in a manner or another.

And of course, the process is still going on, for we experience how we are still created and healed by the Lord, and how He’s revealing Himself to us.