Tuesday, the 6th

Lucas and Pascal shared their life stories. Joe presided at the Eucharist. As a supplementary gift, we had in the evening the witness of John K. Guiney S.J., who shared with us his experience in Africa, working with refugees and victims of AIDS…

Wednesday, the 7th

A free day as usual for us to continue and finish writing our autobiographies, and to continue to read good spiritual food. Mass presided by John. Also the possibility of watching film at Manresa for discussion, Marvin’s room.

Thursday, the 8th

Antun and Jacques shared, Jozef presided.

Friday the 9th

John and Jozef shared, and Lucas presided. We had a French guest at lunch, and a Canadian one at dinner.

Saturday and Sunday, the 1011th

Free and pastoral days as usual, with Damjan and Jozef cooking.