30 Days in the Spiritual Exercises

30 Days in the Spiritual Exercises

The great retreat: Where it appears that Tertianship is now coming to its own heart…

From the 19th of November to the 20th of December, we will live the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. We will keep silent during this time in order to pray more intensively and to hear better the Word of our Lord. To be removed from usual occupations (internet, mail, conversations, activities…) will help us to enter this internal world, wherein our Lord lives and meets us. That is why we will suspend this blog for four weeks, as we will do with our personal communications. From now on, all of the adventure will be on the inside! The link between us will be by prayer only, but indeed this is the most powerful link we can experience. Through silence and prayer, our communion will be even deeper… Over the next thirty days, we would appreciate your prayers for us retreatants as well as for our tertian instructors, Fr. Joe Dargan and Fr. Jan van de Poll. We assure you of our prayers…

Anto, Antun, Barnabas, Damjan, Elias, Fernando, Jacques, John, Jozef, Lucas, Pascal, Seweryn

Preparation for the Retreat

Preparation for the Retreat

Thursday, the 15th The morning sessions were spent sharing about the exercise of our autobiography: how we experienced reflecting on our own story, writing it, sharing it with an instructor, and sharing it with the group. We also reflected on what we might do with this exercise in the future. And so… Then Antun presided at Mass, and the rest of the day was free.

Friday, the 16th The morning sessions gave us, through Jan and Joe, some fundamental awareness and some very practical information in order to prepare for the great retreat, and to enter it with more benefits. We also gave each other information about where we will do our placements from the middle of January to the end of March. (More information about the placements will be given later.) Barnabas presided at Mass, and we had as usual our haustus. But this time, after organizing the break that we will have after Christmas, we started an animated karaoke in various languages…

Saturday, the 17th A day of rest as usual, but let us mention the Croatian cook Anto, and an improvised haustus around Tamas Forrai S.J., the Hungarian provincial who visited us this evening, and a good surprise: French cheese!

Sunday, the 18th As usual on Sunday: pastoral celebrations and rest. Barnabas cooked, and French cheese added a festive touch to this last spoken supper.


Slowly Towards the Spiritual Exercises

Slowly Towards the Spiritual Exercises

Ninth period: where it appears that tertianship is now turning resolutely toward the Spiritual Exercises

Monday the 12th

During the first part of this week, we finished what we had started last week. Anto and Seweryn shared, Pascal presided at Mass.

Tuesday the 13th

Barnabas and Elias shared, Seweryn presided. As a last free gift, we had in the evening the witness of Brian Grogan S.J., who shared with us his life as a simple journey. He showed us how the apparently useless experiences he had had revealed themselves later as very useful …

Wednesday the 14th

Anto presided at the Eucharist of this usual free day. Time for us to rest in preparation for the long retreat, and to finish what we have to finish before it begins…

Africa and Autobiographies

Africa and Autobiographies

Tuesday, the 6th

Lucas and Pascal shared their life stories. Joe presided at the Eucharist. As a supplementary gift, we had in the evening the witness of John K. Guiney S.J., who shared with us his experience in Africa, working with refugees and victims of AIDS…

Wednesday, the 7th

A free day as usual for us to continue and finish writing our autobiographies, and to continue to read good spiritual food. Mass presided by John. Also the possibility of watching film at Manresa for discussion, Marvin’s room.

Thursday, the 8th

Antun and Jacques shared, Jozef presided.

Friday the 9th

John and Jozef shared, and Lucas presided. We had a French guest at lunch, and a Canadian one at dinner.

Saturday and Sunday, the 1011th

Free and pastoral days as usual, with Damjan and Jozef cooking.

Sharing of Our Life Stories

Sharing of Our Life Stories

Eighth period: where it appears that tertianship is building a community from the heart

Monday, the 5th

This day, Damjan and Fernando offered their sharing, and Jan presided at the Eucharist. This week, and part of next one, will be spent essentially on sharing our personal stories. Each of us has one hour to give an account of his roots, his familial story, his education, his vocation, and all the main events and experiences he wants to share. This powerful exercise (more…)