Tuesday, the 9th

Though we continue our everyday life in this beautiful place (with simple daily liturgies, Tommy’s wonderful food, sports, music and Elias missing all this!), the spirit of discernment is ever more present. Many of us have begun to write our spiritual autobiography and discern the place of our “experiment”, which begins in January. In this context, we had an interesting lecture on ‘the deliberation of the first fathers’, on the process used by the early Jesuits to form a new religious community. We also had a lecture that introduced us to reading the Constitutions of the Society, which flowed from the Spiritual Exercises and the deliberations of the first fathers. By “diving into” the foundational writings of the first Jesuits, we have embarked on a pilgrimage to our spiritual roots, which is a powerful stimulation for our vocation nowadays.

The Mass, celebrated by Anto, offered a reflection on Martha and Mary, and also commemorated the memory of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman, a modern-day holy man with a strong connection to Ireland.

After a free afternoon (though we now have plenty to do!), the evening was spent with a very moving testimony by Fr. Peter McVerry, S.J. (the picture above)  For the past forty years, Fr. Peter has worked with homeless and abandoned youth in Dublin and we are very grateful for how his touching story inspired us in many ways.