Sixth period: Where it appears that tertianship is intended to prepare us for Mission

Monday, the 22nd

Today, we started with a ‘sharing from the heart’ about what we have experienced these last two weeks. For each of us, it was good to hear about the deep work of the Spirit in others, the consolations and desolations that occur, and the main issues at work.

Then Joe introduced us to a reflection on Jesuit identity through several entry points: an excerpt from St. Ignatius’ spiritual diary, a personal exercise and an introduction to various books about Fr. Pedro Arrupe, s.j. All this promoted an identity of ‘men for others’, Jesuits free for the Mission.

At the end, Joe gave us an overview of the program for the next few weeks, leading up to the long retreat, the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, which will begin on Monday, November 19th. This will enable us to organize our time properly.

Jozef chose to celebrate the Mass for Missions, linking this to the Synod on the New Evangelization now taking place in Rome. This is linked to our work, especially Part VII of the Constitutions, which concerns the sending out of Jesuits on mission.

The afternoon was spent on personal work, especially writing our autobiography and reading the Constitutions.

Jan is still missing this part but is on his way back…