Fifth period: Where it appears that tertianship is intended to be a time for incorporation.

Monday, the 15th

Today, we had three sessions animated by Fr. Brian O’Leary sj, which begins an important time of reading the Constitutions of the Society. This introduction will help us to enter with appreciation, intelligence and historical background about this foundational but complex text. Written by St. Ignatius, the Constitutions give a durable structure to the missionary body of the first Jesuits. They are read nowadays as a nourishing and powerful key to understand our common vocation and our specific pathway to God.

The Mass, presided by Fernando, celebrated St. Teresa of Avila, a great doctor of the Church, who received a lot from the Society, and is probably giving us a lot now by her intercession.

Nothing else special to mention about the weather (still very Irish), the food (still very good), or Elias (now simply present).