Thursday, the 11th

In the morning, we had a first lecture by John, one of us, about the history of the Society, as well as an introduction to reading John O’Malley’s excellent book, The First Jesuits. He underlined the importance of a good sense of history, as a constant dialogue between a person and facts, and a living reflection between present and past. He invited us to reflect on our own experience of the Jesuit charism, which has inspired and continues to inspire our own stories.

Then, as an introduction to the session we’ll have tomorrow about liturgy, we watched a video about the new English translation of the Roman missal, and the importance of a deep reflection about it.

The Mass, presided by Barnabas, offered an animated homily.

The rest of the day was spent in personal work, with grey rainy weather… which is so favorable to such work!

And Elias is really approaching now…