Fourth period: Where it appears that tertianship is now passing to a new stage

Monday, the 8th

This morning was both dense and intense. After a good sharing about the past two weeks, each of us identifying the main personal and interior events during these beautiful days, Joe presented us with the long exercise which will mobilize us for the next weeks: the writing of a spiritual autobiography. In this exercise, we will reflect upon how the Lord has led each of us to this point and to give Him thanks for His many gifts and blessings. This exercise indeed is intended to be neither a narcissistic self-satisfying contemplation nor a guilty judgment of oneself, but rather an exploration of our deep identity as “sinners loved by God”. It is an honest and prayerful reflection in faith upon our own history in order to (re)discover how the Creator and Saviour has been present from the beginning of our story.

We then learned about the finances of our community in order to understand where our money comes from and how it is used. And, last but not least, Jan briefly outlined the process whereby we will discern our placement or “experiment”. From 17 January until Easter, each of us will be sent on a mission, living among and serving the poor. Usually several proposals are made as we begin the process of discernment. Indeed, we have already started the personal meetings with one of the instructors who will help us during the whole year.

The Mass, celebrating the mercy of the Lord and presided by Seweryn, was a good conclusion for this full morning.

The rest of the day was quite usual but we did receive this good news: Elias is now supposed to arrive among us before Saturday…