Friday, the 5th

This morning, we had an excellent session on transitions.  In life, many changes occur (such as moving to a new place, taking up a new job or various commitments, dealing with illness and death) and each can become an opportunity for transformation. As our presenter Kevin Egan explained, all transitions follow an internal process involving fear and realization of loss, a “neutral zone” during which the future is uncertain and a sense of hope and new beginnings. This session was very powerful in helping us to analyze and understand the various changes we have experienced in our lives. It invited us to reflect on what we are living as we embark on a new stage of this journey of faith during tertianship. And it was yet another way of considering and hopefully embracing the ‘pilgrim attitude’…

After a quiet and reflective Mass presided by Pascal, an ordinary afternoon prepared us for an extraordinary evening. We hosted many Jesuits from across Dublin for Joe’s wonderful talk on leadership and spirituality entitled “Leading from Within. Great Leaders Grow. Walk toward Wisdom: Reflections on Leadership and Ignatian Spirituality.”

In the lecture, Fr Joe Dargan shared with us his rich experience in this field. He viewed a leader as anyone who shows others the future. Starting from the necessity of self-awareness, he identified inner personal resources as the most important creative source for leadership. A proper understanding of the interconnection between the leader´s and the follower´s roles, both being active roles, enables a leader to exercise the art of letting the best come out of others. Addressing the wide variety of personal leadership styles, Joe proposed the concept of leadership as a continuous growth toward lifelong wisdom.

With Jan van de Poll as moderator, Joe responded to questions from the audience. A friendly talk followed in the hall, with light refreshments served. Among the guests, we were pleased to welcome Fr. Thomas Layden, the Provincial of the Irish Province, Fr. Dermot O´Connor, the Socius to the President of the European Provincials’ Conference and other notables. With over thirty Jesuits in attendance, from several provinces, we had an enjoyable and fraternal social after the lecture. It was an excellent chance for all of us to meet each other.

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And finally, we celebrated Barnabas’ birthday in style with Hungarian wine and cake …  Elias really missed a lot today…