Tuesday, the 18th

First complete day, still sunny and just a little windy.

The theme of the morning prayer was ‘be gentle with yourself’, the one of the homily (Fr Joe presided the mass) was ‘ask for wonders more than for successes’. It could be a summary of the whole program. We hope it will.

Hopes. That was the question of the day: what are our hopes, coming here, beginning the Tertianship? Each of us, even the instructors, has been able to express theirs, after a first turn to introduce oneself rapidly.

In the afternoon, more practical, a technical visit of the house and of the services, and a visit of the spiritual center, with its chapel, its library and its artworks. We’ll have to choose our service for the daily life, each of us having a part in the concrete service of the community.

First ‘Haustus’ in the evening: understand, a short informal party just to chat, meet each other… and first songs with piano, and first cithara’s sounds in the hall…. Only Elias missed it, still in Africa.