Second period: Where it appears that tertianship really is intended to be a school of heart

Manresa House Dublin

Monday, the 24th

The Mass, presided by Anto, was linked with this new step of our community life. Tommy returned to the kitchen to prepare a wonderful Irish lamb for lunch and hamburgers for dinner.  At last, we enjoyed typical Irish weather the whole day (cool rain and sweet wind, everyone would have understood…) and began a new period of our spiritual adventure.  After sharing the fruits of our reflections on our first week together, especially our consolations and desolations, our discovering of a new place, a new group, a new rhythm and so on…, we entered into the main part of the week, and probably more: the sharing from the heart.  As an introduction and first step in this sharing, our two instructors led by example, sharing a story about themselves from the heart.  Then each of us was invited to reflect on their stories before responding to the group on how the story had affected us.

This first session showed a deep mutual confidence in each other … and the beginning of a real friendship founded in the Lord.

And while some of us watched a relaxing DVD, others went out, walking in the wild fresh wet but sweet night… without Elias, and now you know why…