Reflecting and learning

Brendan Callaghan, a Jesuit psychologist of the British province, gave a number of presentations to the group on Monday and Tuesday during which he addressed the area of affectivity through talks, discussions and case studies. Anne Codd, a Presentation Sister and Development Resource Person at the Irish Episcopal Conference, led the group to engage in some organisational and pastoral reflection on Wednesday. Finbarr Clancy of the Irish province offered models of priesthood on Friday in an analysis which delineated some developments in the understanding of the ministry of the priest.

The Tertian learns, not just through the variety of content, but also in the reflection and discussion that takes place long after the various speakers have departed. The cultural and professional diversity of the tertian group enables a range of observations to be offered. These reflections help each to consider his own practice and aspirations and to review what presumptions, teaching style, and group skills are most appropriate to him.

We were also visited this week by two US JesuitsĀ  – Mike Harter and Charles Moutenout. Their discussions with the Tertians and instructors took place as they prepare to establish a new US Tertianship in Oregon.